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CELEBRATING 5 YEARS of Closing the Educational Gap Sign Up Today Breaking Codes, Inc. would like to thank our scholars, their families, and the BC, Inc. team for their continued support over the past 5 years Celebrate with us and Enjoy $5 off your first Tutoring Session Every Child Learns Differently Breaking Codes, Inc. Sign up Today Teaching isn't ``one size fits all``

Summer 2021 Academic Themed Camps for K-8

Summer 2021 Academic Themed Camps for K-8
June 14-June 18 and June 21-June 25
***limited spaces***

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Now offering Virtual Tutoring (K-8) in Both Literacy and Math

Your child can catch up on any learning missed during COVID 19 school closures. Limited Spots Available!!!!

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Teaching isn't ``one size fits all`` - Every Child Learns Differently


Breaking Codes, Inc. supports elementary school and middle school students who are having challenges with reading using research-based strategies with fidelity. BC, Inc. not only works to help close the reading gap between struggling readers and their peers who are not struggling but helps to build each student's confidence.

Who Benefits

K-8 students who are 1 or 2 grades below their grade level in reading including- but not limited to- those who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia and/or identified as having a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) in Reading.

Services Offered

Literacy Clinics - BC,Inc. sets up clinics in schools that focus on areas of reading and writing for students struggling in these areas. Students receive small group instruction as well as individualized instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. They will be assessed and progress monitored to ensure they're grasping concepts taught. No more than 5 students in each session.

Professional Development - BC, Inc. offers professional development to educators and other school staff members. The PDs are on current research-based concepts and strategies in literacy and special education. Knowledgeable educators are one of the key factors in teaching/learning and helping to close the achievement gap between our struggling readers and their peers that aren't struggling.

Tutoring Sessions - Individualized tutoring sessions are offered for students in K-5. Assessments, progress monitoring, and research-based materials are administered/provided. The student will have a certified teacher trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach that will design an instructional plan for him/her.

Strategies Used

Breaking Codes, Inc. will support students using research-based strategies with fidelity. BC, Inc. focuses on the 5 pillars of reading - fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, and phonemic awareness. Students have individualized programs designed by a certified educator who is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach.

“The Breaking Codes program has helped my son tremendously. My son struggled in reading and phonics due to an Auditory Processing Disorder. The Breaking Codes program has given him the ability to sound out words and recognize site words more easily. He has also developed the ability to comprehend and dissect word passages with less effort. Ms. Stewart has proven herself to be an instructor who is focused on the success of each and every child with a caring feel. Her background in Special Education allows her to bring a multitude of learning approaches to the classroom that can make each student successful who has the opportunity to go through this program”.

Thankful Parent

“Great use of time! We learned new ideas that we can use in the classroom immediately! Thank you :)”


“Charlene had excellent strategies and interventions to share – we could have learned many more if she was given more time!”